Learn the principles behind hydro-cooled hotend kits work and why they're advantageous.


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14 May 2024
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Top tips to launch your journey with oversized ultraviolet reproduction units:

Oversized UV print programs provide creatives and specialists the capacity to create maximum replications in bigger dimensions, causing them to perfect in signage, showcases, and other large-format apps.

Before commencing large-format UV device use, one must familiarize yourself with the copier, such as bed leveling procedures, configurations, and routine maintenance.

Further, finding appropriate ultraviolet ink and base substances is vital to obtain rich hues, fine lines, and durable images.

Proper substrate preparation, including wiping and coating, can further secure adhesiveness and high quality.

Through All key recommendations and proven method, customers can maximize the potential of their large size UV printers and fabulous effortlessly.

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